Replichore Viewer


This algorithm is able to visualize replichores from bacterial genome and perform all the necessary statistical calculations.


The data from the "List of codon usage for each CDS" stored in Codon Usage Database ( is used for calculations.

All the text from the "List of codon usage for each CDS" should be inserted into the list “All CDSs” of Replichore Viewer.

As a result, Replichore Viewer will calculate nucleotide usage in all the genes from Watson (W) and Crick (C) DNA strands of the given genome.


Instructions for applying statistical tests are written in the MS Excel spreadsheet itself.

Cells with T-values are marked by color.

The person who is familiar with MS Excel may surely perform his own statistical tests using the indexes calculated by this algorithm.


Please, cite

Khrustalev V.V., Barkovsky E.V. “Protoisochores” in certain archaeal species are formed by replication-associated mutational pressure // Biochimie. – 2011. – Vol.93. – Issue 2. – P.160-167.



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