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Coding Genome Scanner


This Microsoft Excel table is useful for scanning nucleotide, codon and amino acid usage in totally sequenced genomes.


All the indexes mentioned above are calculated automatically right after the pasting of all the text contained in "List of Codon Usage for each CDS" report from Codon Usage Database into the appropriate cell on "All CDSs" list.

The hyperlink to Codon Usage Database:

This copy of CGS is adapted to genomes with no more than 1 000 of coding districts. If you want to scan larger genomes, please, contact us via e-mail ( for getting some simple but necessary instructions.


Please, cite:

Khrustalev V.V., Barkovsky E.V. The level of cytosine is usually much higher than the level of guanine in two-fold degenerated sites from third codon positions of genes from Simplex- and Varicelloviruses with G+C higher than 50% // Journal of Theoretical Biology. 2010. Vol.266. Issue 1. P.88-98.



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