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VVK Protective Buffer

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This MS Excel spreadsheet is able to calculate amino acid usage, nucleotide usage and all the necessary indexes to estimate risk of nonsynonymous mutation in up to 50 nucleotide sequences inserted.



Insert your sequences into special cells on "sequences" list.

Results will appear in columns on "results" list.

This algorithm recognizes only "A", "T", "G" and "C" letters (there should be no gaps in sequences inserted).


Please, cite

Khrustalev V.V., Barkovsky E.V., Vasilevskaya A.E., Skripko S.M., Kolodkina V.L., Ignatyev G.M., Semizon P.A. A method for estimation of immunogenic determinants mutability: case studies of HIV1 gp120 and diphtheria toxin // Journal of Integrated OMICS. 2011. Vol.1. Issue 2. P.236-252.



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