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VVK Unique Antigen


This algorithm is for estimation of antigenicity (by the three well-known scales: Hopp and Woods acrophilicity, reversed Kyte and Doolitle hydrophobicity, reversed Eisenberg hydrophobicity) in a window of variable length along the amino acid sequence.


Enter your amino acid sequence into the special cell in the "sequence" list.

The algorithm is able to calculate the level of dipeptide composition uniquality in a window of 9 dipeptides along the length of amino acid sequence. To perform this calculation one should first paste amino acid sequence of a proteome (or a part of a proteome) in a special cell on "proteome" list.


Please, cite

Khrustalev V. V., Vasilevskaya A. E., Skripko S. M., Barkovsky E. V. Peptide NQ21 corresponding to the HIV1 gp120 epitope with the most unique dipeptide composition shows cross-reactivity with human sera of HIV1-infected persons // Book of Abstracts of the 2nd International Congress on Analytical Proteomics, Ourense, Spain ICAP 2011 Ourense, 2011. P. 190.



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