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VVTAK VarInvar / VVK VarInvar

Download VVTAK VarInvar as a RAR archive

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Download VVK VarInvar as a RAR archive


These algorithms are for counting of variable sites of different types in previously aligned nucleotide sequences (up to 100 sequences, 4 000 nucleotides in length).



Nucleotide usage in invariable sites is calculated in "Invar" list.

Nucleotide content distribution between codon positions of all inserted sequences is also calculated (see "content" list).

WARNING: do not use "-" symbol to indicate gaps. Ms Excel is working badly with this symbol. Better replace it by "N".

VVTAK VarInvar performs all the calculations in STABLE 4-fould and 2-fold degenerated sites from third codon positions only. Those sites are 4-fold and 2-fold degenerated (respectively) in all the sequences from a given alignment.

VVK VarInvar performs calculations in ALL the sites from third codon positions.



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