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Mutational Pressure Simulator


This algorithm is for introduction of mutations into nucleotide or amino acid sequence.



The sequence should be copied into the special cell of "nucleotide sequence" or "AA sequence" list.

Then one should type a codon (or amino acid) which have to be deleted from sequence and the codon (or amino acid) which have to be inserted in special designated cells of the same list.

The algorithm uses universal genetic code. To change genetic code one should replace certain amino acids (in 1-letter code only) in a column of the "genetic code" list.


Please, cite

Khrustalev V.V., Barkovsky E.V. In silico directed mutagenesis using software for glycosylation sites prediction as a new step in antigen design // Journal of Integrated OMICS. 2012. Vol.2. Issue 1. P.31-36.



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